Assistant Manager | 重庆北城天街店

Region: China

Bundesland: Chongqing

Stadt: 重庆

Business Unit: Store

Zeittyp: Full-time

Beschreibung & Anforderungen



门店副经理负责门店运营的一部分,以及团队和社区的策略和发展,具体工作内容由门店经理决定。门店副经理通过培训、指导和发展团队,为客人实现 lululemon 的专属体验,发挥关键作用,确保所有业务目标得以实现,保证零售区拥有出色的教育水平。门店副经理还需要提升团队能力,推动策略实施,实现门店长期业务发展。门店副经理认同并用户 lululemon 的文化,热爱运动健身,致力于为身边的人创造奇妙的体验。


  • 在零售区和社区充满热情地领导团队并宣介我们的产品、社区和文化
  • lululemon的核心价值观和卓越客人体验的倡导者
  • 根据门店经理安排,监督执行“80/20 检查清单”上的部分任务和项目。例如,库存、产品或社区活动
  • 在门店零售区,作为楼面经理和产品教育家工作
  • 在门店经理的指导下,代表门店参加所有必要会议、活动和讨论会
  • 为产品教育家和团队领航家提供指导,亲力亲为地帮助他们发展
  • 根据门店经理或区域经理的指导,执行/完成其他必要的或要求的项目、职责和任务


  • 注重细节,有条理
  • 有能力处理多重任务和协调正在进行的项目、计划和人员发展
  • 能够承受压力并在交期紧张时出色完成工作
  • 喜欢集思广益、解决问题,同时善于创新,找到解决问题的资源
  • 积极的工作和生活态度,对 lululemon、社区和他人热情、有感染力


  • 至少一年零售/销售管理方面的工作经验,或同等管理职位经验
  • 商科、市场营销、零售或相关专业学士学位
  • 熟悉 MS Office(Word、Excel 和 Outlook)

lululemon athletica is seeking a highly capable leader who is passionate about developing others and connecting with the community as our Assistant Store Manager. The key objective of this position is to partner with the Store Manager to develop incredible leaders, grow the business, and positively impact the surrounding community.

About the role 

The role will combine the life-altering potential of wearing stretchy pants to work every day while talking health, fitness and yoga to your guests and community. The assistant store manager is responsible for certain aspects of the store operations and the strategy and development of the team and community, as determined by the Store Manager. They play a key role in ensuring that all areas of the business are fulfilled and that there is an exceptional level of education on the retail floor by training, coaching, and developing a team that delivers the lululemon guest experience. The assistant store manager also builds capabilities within the store team to drive strategy and achieve results for the business, today and tomorrow. Our assistant store manager emanates the lululemon culture, is a lover of fitness and sweaty endeavors, and is committed to creating amazing experiences for those around them.

A Day in the Life 

  • Passionately leads and educates on our product, community, and culture on the retail floor and in the community
  • Takes a stand as an advocate for lululemon athletica’s values and guest experience
  • Oversees the execution of certain deliverables on the Manager ‘80/20 Checklist’, as delegated by the Store Manager. For example, Inventory, Product or Community Events
  • Present on the retail floor, as a floor manager and Educator, a minimum of 32 hours per week
  • Represents her/his store at all required meetings, events, and conferences, under the direction of the Store Manager
  • Acts as a coach to Educators & Key Leaders and plays a hands-on roll in their development
  • Under the direction of the Store Manager or Regional Manager, performs/completes other additional project, duties, and assignments as required and/or by request

Our “Must Haves” 

  • Detail oriented and highly organized
  • Ability to multi-task and coordinate ongoing projects, plans and people development
  • Works well under pressure and meeting tight deadlines
  • Love of brainstorming, problem-solving, being creative and resourceful
  • Positive attitude and contagious enthusiasm for lululemon, community and people.

Our “Desirables” 

  • Minimum one year’s work experience in retail / sales management, or an equivalent management role
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, retail or related field
  • Working knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, and Outlook)