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We believe in self–empowerment, positive inner–development and living a life of possibility. A lululemon career is more than what you do today; it’s what you’re going to do tomorrow.

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At lululemon, we work together to elevate the world. We set audacious goals, nurture big growth and engineer innovative products that allow people to feel—and perform—their best. To us, leadership is more than a role or title—it’s a way of being. We are all leaders, committed to growth and results.

With more than 470 stores around the world, our in–store experience is unparalleled, and we put the Educator at the centre of everything we do. While online, our ground-breaking Omni social channels create human connections. From our global events to our unique ambassador programs, we ignite communities to sweat, grow and connect.

Together, we’re co–creating a future that otherwise wouldn’t exist. To do that, we’re looking for people who unite diverse perspectives to lean into bold visions. Who strive to be better than they were yesterday. Who are all in, in everything they do.

We’re looking for you. Join us.

Global Benefits & Perks

We believe that when life works, work works. And that starts with our core benefits. With our extended health plans, paid time off, savings plans, employee discounts and fitness classes, you can take care of your whole self. We want you to realize your full potential. That’s why we provide ways to help invest in your continuing growth that are uniquely lululemon.

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Sweat Benefits

We believe a daily hit of athletic-induced endorphins helps offset stress. And that sweat is the physical challenge that pushes us past our boundaries. Our Sweaty Pursuits program provides all employees with a monthly allocation of dollars to support big and small health goals.

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Our Parenthood program provides paid leave of up to six months to global employees at all levels. The policy is gender neutral and applies to maternity, paternity and adoption leaves. The amount of paid time off depends on tenure, to honour the commitment of employees who stay with us over the long-term.

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Pay Equity

We believe that our people have the right to equal standards and stand for gender pay equality: equal pay for equal work. Built into our year-end review process, we address all findings and close any gaps on an annual basis.

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Goal Setting

Our unique Purpose, Vision + Goals program and tools will enable you to declare what’s truly important to you—and set out to make it happen. By accessing your unique purpose, you’ll help fuel our company purpose – to realize the potential in every one of us.

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Immersive Experiences

We offer global employees access to powerful personal inquiry, embodied learning and principle-based content through our Purpose & Practice program, a multiday experience focused on living a life of purpose & impact, and through Mindfulon, our very own 200 hour certified yoga teacher training for employees and ambassadors.

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Diversity, Inclusion & Impact

We recognize and honour the uniqueness that each of us brings. We commit to creating a welcoming, inclusive environment where everyone can thrive, make an impact, and be celebrated. Diversity across our global teams leads to stronger decision making, fresh ideas, unlimited creativity, and a deeper understanding of our communities.